Gabriel Voss was born and raised on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Being so close to the water, Gabriel spent as much timeas he could fishing, at the beach, and generally near the water as often as possible.

In middle school, Gabriel began acting in Saturday Night Live style parody commercials conceived and filmed with his best friend. The parodies continued into high school. Gabriel played football and basketball throughout middle school and high school, with beach volleyball factoring in heavily during the summers. One of his favorite jobs during high school was working for the local movie theater where he took in as many films as he could.

When it came time to apply to colleges, Gabriel wanted to leave the south for the Big Apple. He applied to two schools – the University of Alabama and New York University (NYU). When it became clear he would have to pay for his own education and living expenses, Gabriel opted for the unbeatable value of Alabama's in-state tuition. At Alabama, Gabriel studied philosophy (particularly metaphysics and legal philosophy) and creative writing.

After college, Gabriel enrolled at the University of Maryland School of Law in Baltimore. During his second and third years of law school, he worked 25 hours a week at a law firm to help make up for the expense of school. After graduating from Maryland, Gabriel accepted a position as a commercial contract attorney for a major Baltimore law firm where he practiced full time for 3 years.

In early 2009, after his first year as a lawyer, Gabriel needed a creative outlet and began looking for writing competitions to help him focus creative energies. In searching for writing competitions, he stumbled upon local independent film castings. Recalling those golden days of the SNL style parodies, Gabriel teamed up with two local filmmakers for a short horror film. The experience was even more fun than he remembered. Gabriel continued to work full time as a lawyer, but filled every ounce of spare time with filming. In October 2010, Gabriel made one of the scariest decisions of his life – he gave up a stable and lucrative career as a lawyer to pursue acting full time. His passion is in feature films and in the summer of 2011  he moved to Los Angeles to take his career to the next level.

"The annual World Music and Independent Film Festival" in Washington DC has twice nominated Gabriel for his work, with a 2011 “Best Actor” award for his lead role in the award-winning drama "Bright Lights & Promises" and a 2012 nomination for “Best Supporting Actor” in the comedy, "Fear of Flying".  

Gabriel’s highlights include a supporting role in the romantic comedy "It’s Not You, It’s Me", starring Vivica Fox, Joelle Carter, Ross McCall, Maggie Wheeler, Beth Littleford and Eric Avari; and the premiere of his episodes of “FBI: Criminal Pursuit” (Discovery Channel) and “My Life is a Lifetime Movie” (Lifetime Channel).

In the winter of 2013, Gabriel’s 70’s-style comedy webseries, "Shut Yo’ Mouth", that he produced and starred in will be released and he will begin the role of Ryan Weston in "Emma Approved", the latest webseries from the award-winning creators of "the Lizzie Bennet Diaries".

When not in front of the camera, Gabriel enjoys sports (especially snowboarding, basketball, and rock climbing), board games, philosophical discussions with friends, and anything relating to outer space.